Website Design

Everybody needs a website, but that website needs to look good and do the job it needs to do.

Our web designer, Joe Dugdale, has been creating websites for  23 years, having created his first one in 1997, and has been online since 1992, so has seen what it is that has changed over the years, seeing what does and definitely does not work.

“I’m absolutely delighted with my new website. Joe has been a pleasure to work with from beginning to end, his work always being first-rate and exactly what I wanted. Any query I had was answered straight away and level of communication has been brilliant.”
Adam Saunders
(Composer, TMNT)

Responsive Website

With more people now viewing websites on mobile devices, it is important that your website looks good wherever it is being viewed. You don’t want your website visitors having to scroll and zoom in just to read what you are sharing with them.

This is the reason that all of our websites are created so that they change depending upon the device on which they are viewed. This means there will be no zooming or scrolling required.


While we are available to provide you with support, we also provide you with videos built into your website, showing you how to do such things as creating new posts.

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